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- Well the answer then is a simple no

- There is a lot of copper buried in electronics, appliances and automobiles which are unaccounted for

- In fact there are plenty of options for scrap copper that weren't tapped into yet; people who are merely resting in garbage dumps and those that are buried inside landfills

- There is a lot of potential in sourcing recycled copper, but sadly with regards to e-waste, there isn't a great deal of interest, due to the fact newer and cost-effective technologies for getting the same have not been developed

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Borrowers may use the money gained from tenant loans for almost any purpose. The bank or lender usually puts few restrictions on the money, though they may inquire as to what its primary use will likely be. It is considered a personal unsecured loan and for that reason will be a contract between your borrower and lender. You can avail tenant loans UK to meet both your personal or professional needs like buying a car, paying medical bills, vacation, paying debts etc. Tenant loans UK can also be availed by people having low credit score status on account of arrears, defaults, CCJ's, IVA etc, but slightly higher interest.