Homescapes For PC

Homescapes For PC

Simple things, such as adding the new furniture or changing the rooms’ wallpaper made every win that much more important. Because of the isometric perspective nature of the game, when he does talk to me he is looking upwards, therefore implying that I’m some kind of omnipotent being…who plays Bejewelled in order to win ‘stars’ for him. It was an opportunity to win the boosters and lives when you complete levels and knit every part of the scarf for Austin.

HOMESCAPES Story Walkthrough Gameplay Part 24 - Day 18 (iOS Android)
Help Austin as he plays puzzles and unlock content to make his house spicier. Austin has come home for a holiday and for spending some time with his parents who reside there. The game players have to complete the game for renovating the home of butler who is trying to stop their parents to sell their home.

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The player assumes the role of…well, I’m not exactly sure what I am within the context of the game. The one thing that the player must do is to remain focus on the story and in the method of unlocking more areas of the gameplay.

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How to Download Homescapes for PC Windows & Mac?

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